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Digital Bursting Tester
Resistance of materials to deformation and pressure
ISO 2960, ISO 2758
ISO 5759, ISO 3303
ISO 3689, ISO 13938
  • Versions 20 and 100 Bar
  • Electronic version

This bursting tester measures the resistance of flexible materials (fabric, paper, leather, non-woven, plastic, etc.) to bursting.

This works by using an elastomer membrane to exert a regulated, increasing pressure on a sample of cloth, which is held in place between two stainless steel plates.

When the cloth bursts, both pressure and stretching are recorded by an automaton, which also  manages the test.

Complies to standards: NF G07-112, ASTM D774, DIN 538611, BS 3424, BS 3137, BS 4768 standards.


Digital Bursting Tester 20 bars Digital Bursting Tester 100 bars Membrane in place Ring test in place
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