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Matériau Ingénierie combines the indispensable skills needed to develop, manufacture and maintain the testing solutions that we offer.

Scratch resistance test
Resistance to scratching and polishing
PSA/Renault D42 1775
PSA/Renault D44 1900
  • Scratch tests and brightening
  • Multi-methods

This device consists of a multi-function stand with two adjustable options, one for carrying out scratch abrasion tests using the Renault D42 1775 method and the second for conducting polishing tests using the PSA/Renault D44 1900 method.

The components to be tested can have either a smooth or rough surface, or possibly decorative coatings such as paint.

  • News

    New product : anti-vibrations table

    In collaboration with Technirapide Midi, distributor of aluminium profiles and accesories, we have developed a system of completely modular anti-vibration tables for the realization of high-precision weighing.

    Visit the page of our new product for more information.


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