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RheotechTR - Temperature control

Generally the liquid/solid transitions have kinetics heavily dependent of the sample thickness. For example in the case of exothermic reactions a large thickness will cause various phenomena :

  •       Low heat dissipation into the environment due to a surface / volume relatively low ;
  •       A thermal barrier effect, considered materials are usually poor conductors.

So if one wishes to characterize the behavior of materials used in thin layer (resins, sealants, mortar, adhesives, honey, pectins, alginates, chocolates, etc.), it is necessary to conduct tests on low material thicknesses along with accurate control of the temperature.

Therefore, in parallel with the development of Rheotech, we have designed a range of modules to control the temperature during tests in a thin layer. These tests are carried out in disposable aluminum cups, the ball bakelite being replaced by a PTFE T shape rod.

                          Aluminium cup                                           T shape rod


So as to cover a large range of temperatures different modules are available.

The Peltier Plate is based on the technology of the same name. It allows working from Tamb - 15°C to Tamb + 40 ° C which makes it (for example) particularly advantageous for the resins used in the building industry where the temperature of application may vary according to the season. 

Module Plaque Peltier

The Hot Plate has a temperature range from 40°C to 250°C, to simulate the contacting of the resin with a high temperature surface (molds, press, etc.).

Module Hot Plate

Currently, these modules allow to achieve isothermal tests. Simply place an aluminum cup in the module and enter a set point. After a few minutes waiting for the cup reaches the module temperature, it is possible to calibrate the gap (if necessary) and then depositing the resin in the cup and start the test. The sensor head then automatically goes down to its working position.



We are currently developing an option that will create more complex temperature programs with ramps at controlled heating rate and isothermal steps.

Furthermore, other accessories and other modules are envisaged  :

  •  A thermal chamber limiting the heat exchange between the material and the surrounding air; 
  •  An oven allowing to have exactly the same temperature throughout the resin ;
  •  A UV crosslinking module that will serve to the characterization of resins reacting when subjected to UV radiation.
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    Restart of the web site.

    Following the massive attack on thousands of websites based on the Joomla operating system, we temporarily put our website offline to prevent our visitors ,being redirected to a false Adobe page, to download malware.

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    Ashland Training Day

    Three years ago, we moved into new larger premises more suited to our business. This new stage in the development of Material Engineering was the opportunity to invest in spaces (calibration laboratory, testing laboratory) for the reception and training of technicians and technical managers in optimal conditions.

    As such, we recently had the pleasure of receiving employees from several Ashland Group sites: Kehl in Germany, Porvoo in Finland and in France Pujaut. This visit was the opportunity to train these people to different types of rheological test (gel time, crosslinking) using a RheotechTR and to discuss the specific needs related to standards and internal methods used by Ashland. These discussions have also led to the development of new accessories and new software options (see our article on the latest development of RheotechTR).


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    New commercial partner in Thailand

    Chemical House & Lab Instrument is our new business partner (distributor) for Thailand.

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    New commercial partner in Russia

    Matériau Ingénierie signed a representation agreement with Tirit for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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    New commercial partner in China

    Matériau Ingénierie signed a representation agreement with TecFront for China. 

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    New website

    Our new website is online! After several months of redesign, we post our new website.

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    Reinforcement of our service

    Our activity of services has been reinforced to respond better and faster to the needs of our customers.

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    New Manager

    Stéphane Blanchard replaces François Fesquet to the direction of Matériau Ingénierie.

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    Trademark Sodemat

    The Sodemat® trademark is registered with the INPI August 2, 2007.

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    The transfer of Sodemat

    Sodemat activity is transferred to our main site, Saint-Christol-lez-Alès (Gard).


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