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Retrofitting, real alternative to new !!!

Formerly a marginal phenomenon, modernization is a solution adopted even by the largest manufacturers. This offer mainly concerns mechanical testing instruments (universal testing machines, bending benches, shock benches) but can be applied to any laboratory equipment.



Like any product, a measuring instrument has a definite technical and marketing lifetime. A technical lifetime, because the components of testing machines are becoming obsolescent more and more rapidly. A marketing lifetime, as many companies no longer monitor instruments as soon as they reach advanced age (very variable depending on the manufacturer).

Generally, during the irremediable failure of a measuring instrument, a manager thinks to renew identically. Yet another solution exists: to retrofit this measuring instrument.



Retrofitting aims to replace all obsolete and/or dysfunctional elements and, if possible, to add new needs. A measuring instrument consists of:

A) a mechanical frame that is often dimensioned with a safety factor that makes it always operational even after several decades.

B) an electronic assembly (control, acquisition) which is, with the human / machine interface (HMI), the part becoming rapidly obsolete. The breakdown of this set can be critical when the instrument is old. This phenomenon is particularly true since the implementation of the European RoHS directive in 2005, which aims to eliminate certain dangerous substances present in electronic components.

C) sensors, which age more or less well depending on their use.

D) a HMI. This part ages by jump, according to technological advances (plotter → LCD screen → touch screen).



Step 1 (at the customer) : Analysis of the machine and real needs. Elaboration of simplified specifications. This step is essential for the choice of components and for the development of the dedicated software. Quotation made and the customer's agreement is sent to our sales department.

Step 2 : The machine is shipped to our premises. All electronics are removed. The development of the software is launched according to the customer specifications.

Step 3 : Sensor testing (force, displacement, safety). If a force sensor is damaged, it can be replaced with the customer's agreement. Other sensors are replaced when in doubt about reliability or communication with other systems.

Step 4 : Implementation of electronic news and peripherals. These are often already used on our own measuring instruments.

Step 5 : Electrical wiring of the various elements implanted.

Step 6 : Checking the electronics operation with dedicated software.

Step 7 : Calibration of the sensors then shipment of the retrofitted machine to the customer. A start & training date is taken.

Step 8 (at the customer) : Getting started and training. A specialized technician intervenes, tests the machine and trains (accredited trainer) the user(s).

Example of retrofitting


It very simple to retrofit a machine. The deadline depends on the specifications. The supply of components demand an average of five weeks. The work on the machine lasts 1 to 2 weeks.

The cost depends on the demands and type of testing machine. In order to offer an attractive cost, we use the same components as our range instruments, and our software development platform is based on object language. In general, a retrofitted machine costs between 15 and 45% of the price of a new equipment !!!

For questions about the technical feasibility of modernizing one of your instruments, please contact our team at 33 (0) 466 922 060 or email by visiting the page Contact Us.

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    Restart of the web site.

    Following the massive attack on thousands of websites based on the Joomla operating system, we temporarily put our website offline to prevent our visitors ,being redirected to a false Adobe page, to download malware.

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    Ashland Training Day

    Three years ago, we moved into new larger premises more suited to our business. This new stage in the development of Material Engineering was the opportunity to invest in spaces (calibration laboratory, testing laboratory) for the reception and training of technicians and technical managers in optimal conditions.

    As such, we recently had the pleasure of receiving employees from several Ashland Group sites: Kehl in Germany, Porvoo in Finland and in France Pujaut. This visit was the opportunity to train these people to different types of rheological test (gel time, crosslinking) using a RheotechTR and to discuss the specific needs related to standards and internal methods used by Ashland. These discussions have also led to the development of new accessories and new software options (see our article on the latest development of RheotechTR).


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    New commercial partner in Thailand

    Chemical House & Lab Instrument is our new business partner (distributor) for Thailand.

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    New commercial partner in Russia

    Matériau Ingénierie signed a representation agreement with Tirit for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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    New commercial partner in China

    Matériau Ingénierie signed a representation agreement with TecFront for China. 

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    New website

    Our new website is online! After several months of redesign, we post our new website.

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    Reinforcement of our service

    Our activity of services has been reinforced to respond better and faster to the needs of our customers.

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    New Manager

    Stéphane Blanchard replaces François Fesquet to the direction of Matériau Ingénierie.

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    Trademark Sodemat

    The Sodemat® trademark is registered with the INPI August 2, 2007.

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    The transfer of Sodemat

    Sodemat activity is transferred to our main site, Saint-Christol-lez-Alès (Gard).


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