The instrumentation at the service of materials

Matériau Ingénierie combines the indispensable skills needed to develop, manufacture and maintain the testing solutions that we offer.

On-site or return to our workshop?

  • Intervention in your permises : a qualified technician comes and calibrate the instrument(s). This solution is usefull for users (short downtime) and for the buyer («economies of scale» as one travel cost). Only instruments out of specifications return to workshop (for repair).
  • Returning in our workshops : You only have one instrument to calibrate ? It is the most economical solution ! You send it back and we calibrate it, and less than a week after departure, your measuring instrument is back. The outward transportation is your responsability. We inform you at his departure of the date of reception in your permises.
  • News

    Reinforcement of our service

    Our activity of services has been reinforced to respond better and faster to the needs of our customers.


Matériau Ingénierie

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