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Tendancy of fabrics to snag
PSA/Renault D44 5600
ASTM D3939-03
  • Evaluation of resistance to snags flexible materials
  • Application for home textiles

This device is designed to evaluate the resistance of flexible materials (woven, knitted, composites, leather and TEP) to snagging.

The test consists of placing the sample on the rotating protective tubes. Sharp points strike the fabric in rotation on a cylindrical support (covered in felt). This action causes threads to be extracted, thereby allowing the textile to be assessed.

This test is ideal for furnishing fabrics, and for fabrics used in the automotive industry as it reproduces the significant plucking which can be caused to textiles, e.g. by the claws of a dog.

Our last version incorporates many improvements in ergonomics and safety.

1/ The vertical 2 x 2 positions configuration allows a significant gain workspace on a laboratory bench compared with another device with 4 horizontal positions.

2/The rollers are easily removable without tools by simple rotation. Thus, the operation of the felts sleeves drying can be accelerated by placing the assembly (cylinder + adjusted felt) in an oven (Tmax 70°C).

3/ The protection of mace spiked balls has also been optimized. At the end of a test, the 4 balls are placed on polyamide supports so that all the tungsten tips are protected and without contact.

4/ Thanks to two easily removable polycarbonate waste bins, cleaning the unit is fast.

5/ The Mace Snagging Tester is equipped with a magnetic door switch, the operator can not run a test if the door of the device is open. This device makes it possible to carry out tests in complete safety.

2 workstations 4 workstations
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