The instrumentation at the service of materials

Matériau Ingénierie combines the indispensable skills needed to develop, manufacture and maintain the testing solutions that we offer.

Matériau Ingénierie-Sodemat now offers testing solutions for the leather industry, thereby completing our range of products for flexible materials.

Test categories


Abrasion & pilling tester

Pedagogical highlight on abrasion and pilling phenomena
  • Instrument for teaching
  • Easy to use

Anti-vibration Table

For accurate weighings
  • Economic
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Unlimited configurations


Resistance to cutting of safety gloves
  • Gives the user maximum protection
  • Blade being protected by a system of head blocking
  • Automatic homing
EN 388
ISO 20344

Crockmeter "automotive textiles"

Device to test the resistance of dye to crocking, suitable for use in the automotive industry.
  • Crock-Meter made ​​for the automotive sector
  • The test can be performed on any thickness of fabric
  • easy Maintenance
PSA/Renault D44 1221
PSA/Renault D45 1010
Toyota TSL 2001G, Nissan M0154

Crockmeter powered operated version

Power operated version for the control of the resistance of dyes
  • Apparatus for determining the color fastness to rubbing
  • The number of cycle is configurable
  • The unit comes with a kit of your choice
ISO 105 X12, ISO 105 D02
ISO 105 D05, ISO 105 D06
  • News

    New product : anti-vibrations table

    In collaboration with Technirapide Midi, distributor of aluminium profiles and accesories, we have developed a system of completely modular anti-vibration tables for the realization of high-precision weighing.

    Visit the page of our new product for more information.


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