The instrumentation at the service of materials

Matériau Ingénierie combines the indispensable skills needed to develop, manufacture and maintain the testing solutions that we offer.

Flexible materials are widely used in the production of protective clothing and gear. Their assessment is therefore of particular importance. We therefore offer testing appartaus for textiles and also for rigid materials.

Test categories


Anti-vibration Table

For accurate weighings
  • Economic
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Unlimited configurations


Resistance to cutting of safety gloves
  • Gives the user maximum protection
  • Blade being protected by a system of head blocking
  • Automatic homing
EN 388
ISO 20344

Dart-Tester warning sign

Resistance to puncture by falling firing pin
  • Evaluation of penetration depth during impact
  • Cracking behavior of a rigid plate
  • Enhanced security of the user
NF T54-109, DIN 54841-5

Dynatech 1.5

Single-colum universal testing machine
  • Single-column Universal Testing Machine
  • Capacity of 5 kN
  • Simple, reliable and robust

Fabric sample cutter

To determine the weight per square meter
  • Determining the weight per square meter
  • Safe use
  • Minimum and easy maintenance
EN 12127
ASTM D3776, ASTM D2646
  • News

    New product : anti-vibrations table

    In collaboration with Technirapide Midi, distributor of aluminium profiles and accesories, we have developed a system of completely modular anti-vibration tables for the realization of high-precision weighing.

    Visit the page of our new product for more information.


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