The instrumentation at the service of materials

Matériau Ingénierie combines the indispensable skills needed to develop, manufacture and maintain the testing solutions that we offer.


With a wealth of experience behind us, Materiau Ingénierie-Sodemat offers original test methods for non-woven fabrics. As both designer and manufacturer, we can develop and produce testing apparatus which correspond both to new test methods and our own high standards.

Test categories

Total: 23 itemsDisplaying: 11 - 15 items
Total: 23 itemsDisplaying: 11 - 15 items

Elmendorf Tear-Tester

Tear test method according to Elmendorf
  • Suitable for non-woven and coated fabrics
  • Management interface test parameters
  • Safe use
ISO 1947, ISO 9290

Fabric sample cutter

To determine the weight per square meter
  • Determining the weight per square meter
  • Safe use
  • Minimum and easy maintenance
EN 12127
ASTM D3776, ASTM D2646

Flexion length

Determination of the flexibility of nonwovens
  • Flexion length of nonwovens
  • In accordance with ISO 9073-7
ISO 9073-7, EN 22313
ASTM D1388, BS 3356
ERT 50-3

Hollow cylinders self crease recovery

Simple determination of the ability of a fabric to remove wrinkles itself - original design Sodemat
  • Simple measure of self crease recovery of fabric
  • Ideal for teaching or quality control
NF G07-125


Abrasion and pilling of all kinds of textile strutures
  • Reliable
  • Economic
  • Robust
ISO 12947-1, ISO 12945-2
EN 388, ISO 17076-6
ASTM D 4966, ASTM D 4970
BS 3424, BS 5690
  • News

    New product : anti-vibrations table

    In collaboration with Technirapide Midi, distributor of aluminium profiles and accesories, we have developed a system of completely modular anti-vibration tables for the realization of high-precision weighing.

    Visit the page of our new product for more information.


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