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Matériau Ingénierie combines the indispensable skills needed to develop, manufacture and maintain the testing solutions that we offer.


With a wealth of experience behind us, Materiau Ingénierie-Sodemat offers original test methods for non-woven fabrics. As both designer and manufacturer, we can develop and produce testing apparatus which correspond both to new test methods and our own high standards.

Test categories

Total: 23 itemsDisplaying: 16 - 20 items
Total: 23 itemsDisplaying: 16 - 20 items


Random Tumble Pilling Tester - Pilling and fuzzing characteristics of textile fabrics
  • Assessment of pilling performed by visual comparison
  • Projection specimens woven or knitted
ISO 12945-1, NF G07-121, DIN 53867
JIS L1076, ASTM D3512, ISO 12945-1
NF G07-121, DIN 53867, JIS L1076
ASTM D3512


Wrinkling of fabrics
  • Ease of use
  • Conduct of tests on all types of flexible materials
  • Maintenance quick and easy
ISO 5981, NF G37-110
PSA D42 1007, Renault 1007


Resistance to surface wetting
  • Determines the strength of any fabric
  • The proposed installation is simple and robust
ISO 4920, AATCC 22
EN 24920, BS 3702
BS 3425, PSA D45 5506
M&S P23

Thickness gauge for non-wovens

Thickness greater than 20mm
  • The measurement is made vertically
  • The measurement system is a movable rod
  • The measuring range is 100mm
ISO 9073-2

Thickness gauge for non-wovens

Thickness less than 20mm
  • Measurement carried horizontally
  • Using a weight-cons for horizontal use
ISO 9073-2
  • News

    New product : anti-vibrations table

    In collaboration with Technirapide Midi, distributor of aluminium profiles and accesories, we have developed a system of completely modular anti-vibration tables for the realization of high-precision weighing.

    Visit the page of our new product for more information.


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