The instrumentation at the service of materials

Matériau Ingénierie combines the indispensable skills needed to develop, manufacture and maintain the testing solutions that we offer.

MI-Tech offers the most innovative range of products for the characterization and testing of both composite materials and resins. Our devices are used in places as diverse as specialised, state-of-the-art industries and schools.


Test categories


Anti-vibration Table

For accurate weighings
  • Economic
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Unlimited configurations

Dart-Tester warning sign

Resistance to puncture by falling firing pin
  • Evaluation of penetration depth during impact
  • Cracking behavior of a rigid plate
  • Enhanced security of the user
NF T54-109, DIN 54841-5

Dynatech 1.5

Single-colum universal testing machine
  • Single-column Universal Testing Machine
  • Capacity of 5 kN
  • Simple, reliable and robust


Aging under bending stress
  • Determination of flexural durability of polymers
  • Tests in a controlled environment as an option
  • No time limit


Aging under torsional stress
  • Maximum capacity: 11 N.m
  • Tests in a controlled environment
  • Intended for long-term tests
  • News

    New commercial partner in Mexico

    Styvem is our new commercial partner (distributor) for Mexico, specializing in the MI-Tech range (polymers).

    This company is also active in the Southern United States and Central America.

  • News

    B.T.W. polyurethane ends

    The Services department of Matériau Ingénierie offers for sale batch of 4 PUR tips corresponding to the tests described in PSA D44 1237 standard.

  • News

    New single cantilever system

    Our range of universal testing machines for accessories is enriched by the new single cantilever system.

  • News

    Retrofitting, real alternative to new !!!

    Formerly a marginal phenomenon, modernization is a solution adopted even by the largest manufacturers. This offer mainly concerns mechanical testing instruments (universal testing machines, bending benches, shock benches) but can be applied to any laboratory equipment.

  • News

    A new version of the Mace Snagging Tester

    After several months of research, Matériau Ingénierie is proud to offer the new Mace Snagging Tester. This new version, available in 2 or 4 stations, respects our policy of overhauling the SODEMAT range of devices with a focus on ergonomics and user safety.

  • News

    Certification of PVC joinery

    Representing over 60% of the market, PVC joinery offer many advantages (insulation, cost, aging, etc.). Nevertheless, it is necessary to have a consistent formulation over time at the risk of seeing these properties vary from one batch to another.

  • News

    DYNATECH software: new module under development

    A new module Creating methods is being developed in our design office.

  • News

    New "6 stations" HDT/Vicat

    We are proud to announce the commercialization of our new HDT / Vicat model: HDT 6PA. This model is equipped with fully automated measuring stations. Connected to a PC, the control of the device, the acquisition and the processing of the data are carried out via software.

  • News

    RheotechTR - Temperature control

    Generally the liquid/solid transitions have kinetics heavily dependent of the sample thickness. For example in the case of exothermic reactions a large thickness will cause various phenomena :

    •       Low heat dissipation into the environment due to a surface / volume relatively low ;
    •       A thermal barrier effect, considered materials are usually poor conductors.

    So if one wishes to characterize the behavior of materials used in thin layer (resins, sealants, mortar, adhesives, honey, pectins, alginates, chocolates, etc.), it is necessary to conduct tests on low material thicknesses along with accurate control of the temperature.

  • News

    New standards for RheotechTR

    So that the device can match the maximum of standards, we have developed new accessories and we add additional features to our software incorporating the specific working methods and the corresponding data processing methods.

    The first two standards that we have chosen to integrate into the RheotechTR are the ASTM D7029-04 and theDIN 16945 standards. They refer both to the measurement of the gel time by monitoring the temperature curve.


    ASTM D7029-04 Test Method for Determination of Reactivity of Unsaturated Polyesters and Vinyl Esters at 180 ° F [82.2 ° C] recommends the use of a test tube in borosilicate glass with a diameter of 19 mm iand a thermocouple J with a thicness of 3 mm, the latter being guided by a part facilitating its centering in the test tube. The tests are carried out in a bath at 82.2 ° C. Data from this trial are:

    - the gel time : the time for the resin temperature to go from 65,5°C to 78,8°C ;

    - the cure time : the time between 65,5°C and the maximum temperature ;

    - the interval time : the time between 78,8°C and the maximum temperature ;

    - the peak exotherm i.e. the maximum temperature.



    The method described in Section 6.2 of DIN 16 945 Testing of resins, hardeners and accelerators, and catalyzed resins is based on a similar principle. This method is recommended for epoxy resins, polyester resins, polyurethane resins and acrylic resins. The thermocouple used in this case is a thermocouple J of 1 mm diameter. The data from this test are the following:

    - the gel time : the time for the resin temperature to go from a first temperature T0 to a second temperature T1 ;

    - lthe cure time : the time between Tand the maximum temperature ;

    - the peak exotherm i.e. the maximum temperature.

    (T0 and Tdepend on the studied resin. These temperatures are indicated in the standard).


    If you want to use the RheotechTR with other standards for measuring the gel time, please contact us specifying the number of the standard and the treatments you would like to use at the following address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • News

    New commercial partner in China

    Beijing DSA Instruments is our new trading partner (distributor) for China, specialized in the range MI-Tech (polymers)

  • News

    New commercial partner in Indonesia

    PT. Elektro Graha Tama is our new business partner (distributor) for Indonesia.

    l logo-2

    The description of the company PT. Elektro Graha Tama is available HERE.

  • News

    New commercial partner in Tunisia

    HPC Group is our new business partner (distributor) for Tunisia.

    HPC Group is in charge of the distribution of MI-Tech range and Sodemat and upgrades and training.

    l logo-hpc-group-final

    The description of the company HPC Group is available HERE.

  • News

    New instrument: the ZST

    The ZST is a specific measure to a thermoplastic material: PCTFE, domain niche business in petrochemicals.

  • News

    Martindale, edition 2013

    We partner with our representative in Pakistan (Eminent Sourcing) updated our range of Martindale. New Version 4 posts.

  • News

    New Congotech

    New measurement system for a new Congotech.

  • News

    CoupTest reviewed and corrected!

    New version maintaining the performance of the former while adding usability and reliability.

  • News

    A more fluid Melt-Index

    The M3350 gets a makeover to make testing easier and faster to set up, for a reduced cost!

  • News

    Our business is the design of instruments

    You want a measuring instrument that is not on our site? Contact us.


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